Film Festivals

Festivals by AAFT’s International Film & Television Club (IFTC)

AAFT strongly believes that films represent much more than entertainment. To give it a comprehensive definition, International Film and Television Club has been instituted to conduct several festivals that embrace the magic of film, television, digital technologies and literature. Designed for and by young people, each global festival caters for people from all walks of life with just interest in film, whether to watch and enjoy, create their own work or take things a stage further and find out more about a career in the film or television industry. All the festivals organized by IFTC act as the medium to offer the most accessible way to learn about and stimulate discussion among the film enthusiasts about the personal and world issues that are currently important to them. These festivals entertain, educate, motivate and inspire the youth through film screenings, industry workshops, practical masterclasses, filmmaking projects and outreach activities.


International Sufi Festival India

International Festival of Cell Phone Cinema
Global Festival of Journalism Noida
Global Literary Festival Noida
Global Film Festival Noida
International Sufi Festival India
Festival of Short Digital Films
  • Bulgarian Film Festival
  • Croatian Film Festival
  • Iceland Film Festival
  • Japanese Film Festival
  • Norwegian Film Festival
  • Peru Film Festival
  • Polish Film Festival
  • Culture of Iranian Cinema
  • Festival of Asian Cinema
  • Festival of Israeli Cinema
  • International Children Film Festival
  • We Care Film Festival
  • 1 Take Media Film Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival – India Pavilion, France
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