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Welcome to AAFT’s School of Fashion & Design

We define beauty, proportion, and aesthetics in ways that bring us together and drive us apart. Human beings are artists and designers capable of the most compassionate, farsighted, and joyful actions. Design is not a neutral act. We live in a designed world. Design enables human action. It is purposeful and magnifies capacity. It reveals and conceals who we are. And while design has played a role in every epoch of human history, it has never been more important than now.

AAFT and ASMS have come as an emergent in design education. The pioneer fashion school associated with film school. Hence, the school will provide much broader spectrum of fashion education by catering to the need of costume design of film industry. School of Fashion and Design is committed imparting quality and innovative education and prepares students to work in careers.

We offer high quality training in Interior Design, Fashion Design, Jewellery Design and Textile Design. Considered to be one of the most sought after fashion design colleges / institute of North India, the college houses state-of-the art technology for its students.

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