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Admissions Open 2021 Batch

AAFT Admission process requires students to undertake AAFT Global Entrance Exam (AAFT GEE) after downloading our application form for Free. Lakhs of aspirants apply every year to take admissions at AAFT, but only few are selected to become a part of the group. The Entrance Exam consists of an aptitude test and a personal interview (via offline or online mode) based on the aspirant’s chosen discipline. To apply for admissions at AAFT, Download our Application Form and we will get in touch with you shortly.


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UG Degree - (3 Years)

October Batch

PG Degree - (2 Years)

October Batch

Diploma UG/PG - (1 Year)

November Batch


Why AAFT School of Health & Wellness

• Flexible Learning with Holistic Approach

• Highly Personalized Tailor-Made Learning Experience

• 100% Placement Assistance

• Training by Leading National and International Industry Experts

• In-House Labs for First-Hand Experience

• Build a Habit of Sustainable Lifestyle

• Master all main aspects of Personal Health: Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual

• Learn to Enhance Health and Wellbeing of the Community

Our Programs

AAFT School of Health & Wellness offers Degree & Diploma Courses for students who hold a keen interest in Health & Wellness and wish to make a career in this field.


Duration: 3 Years

  • BA (Yoga)
  • B Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • BA (Naturopathy)

Duration: 2 Years

  • MA (Yoga)
  • M Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • MA (Naturopathy)

Duration: 1 Year

  • Diploma / PG Diploma (Yoga)
  • Diploma / PG Diploma (Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • Diploma / PG Diploma (Naturopathy)

Duration: 3 Months

  • Graphics Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • 3D Animation


The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing. It also helps in increasing flexibility, muscle strength and keeps body toned.

What You Will Learn
  • Understand the science of Yoga
  • Principles of Yoga Shastra
  • Human System According to Yoga
  • Different Yogasanas
  • Yogic Counseling
  • Yoga Practices and Techniques
  • Yogic Diet
  • Stress Management
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Use of Yoga in Treating Common Ailments
  • Yoga and Education
  • Yoga and Personality Development
Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Yoga Specialist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Teacher for Schools
  • Yoga Therapist
  • Yoga Advisor and Consultant
  • Yoga Practitioner
  • Research Officer- Yoga and Naturopathy
  • Publication Officer (Yoga)
  • Yoga Counsellor and Diet Specialist
  • Rehabilitation Counselors

Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition & Dietetics is the science of how food and nutrition affects human health. Dietitian and nutritionists use food science to help people improve their health.

What You Will Learn
  • Basic Food Science
  • Food Quality Analysis
  • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Food Science
  • Research in Nutritional Science
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Nutrition for Health and Fitness
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Biotechnology
  • Food Service Systems
  • Leadership and Management
  • Applied Physiology
  • Dietetics Education
  • Diet & Patient Counseling
  • Diet Planning
  • Therapeutic Nutrition
Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Clinical Dietician
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Dietetic Technicians
  • Health Coach
  • Health Educators and Community Health Workers
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Geriatric Health Expert
  • Rehabilitation Counselors
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Food Quality In-Charge


Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of pseudoscientific practices branded as “natural”, “noninvasive”, or promoting “self-healing”. The ideology and methods of naturopathy are based on vitalism and folk medicine, rather than evidence-based medicine (EBM). These practices are developed to help the community cure and recover from diseases in more natural ways.

What You Will Learn
  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Diagnostic Methods in Naturopathy
  • Philosophy of Nature Cure
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Aromatherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy
  • Yoga and Its Philosophies
  • Sun Therapy
  • Basic Physiotherapy
  • Acupressure and Acupuncture
  • Reflexology and Reiki
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Herbology
  • Microbiology
  • Community Medicine
  • Diet Therapy
  • Therapies Used for Body Healing
Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Naturopathy Physician in Hospital and Healthcare Administration
  • Naturopathy Physician in Private and Govt. Clinics
  • Academicians, Research Scholars and Scientists in Various Government and Non-Government Organizations
  • Naturopathy Consultant in Wellness Centers
  • Naturopathy Consultant in Specialty Clinics that Focus on Treating Disorders Like Obesity, Stress, Etc.
  • Stress Management Consultants or Lifestyle Management Consultants in Corporate Sectors
  • Spa Managers and Spa Therapists
  • Publication Officer (Naturopathy)
  • Therapist
  • Naturopathy Trainer
  • Can work in National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) under Ayush [Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy] in all the States of India as Physicians.


Meditation Lab

Outdoor Space for Yoga

Digital Classrooms


Computer Labs

Nutrition Labs and Kitchen

Biology Lab

Microbiology Lab

Laboratories for:

Hydrotherapy and Mud Therapy

Sun Therapy

Acupressure and Acupuncture Lab

Massage Room

Master Classes

Master workshops are organized by renowned therapy artists, yoga gurus and practitioners, celebrity chefs and dieticians from well-known health centers. Experts are called to share their experience with students and make them industry ready. All this help the students to grow and learn for a better future.

Master workshop in Health and Fitness

By Mr Nitin, Fitness Expert

Master workshop in Health and Fitness

By Mr Nitin, Fitness Expert

Mandala Meditation Workshop

By Mandala Artist Ms. Antara Pain

Mandala Meditation Workshop

By Mandala Artist Ms. Antara Pain

Master Class on Soft Skill

By Ms. Sunaina Kashyap, Softskill Trainer

Master Class on Soft Skill

By Ms. Sunaina Kashyap, Softskill Trainer

Student Projects

Industry Tie-Ups

Board of Directors

Anil Kapoor

Renowned Actor

Boney Kapoor

Renowned Film Producer

Sandeep Marwah

Founder & President

Akshay Marwah

CEO, Asian Education Group

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