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Loan Assistance Form

Terms and Conditions


1. I have opted for EMI loan/ Education Loan option to study here

2. I have understood the process and abide by the same

3. I understand that sanctioning and disbursal is solely based on approval of the documents presented by me

4. I understand that the college is extending support to the student to get through the process

For EMI Financing

5. NTC case (new to credit) – max 12 month of EMI will be given

6. I have signed the agreement with the loan partner and paid advance EMI after document approval

7. I hereby abide to pay minimum 6 EMIs

8. Stop EMI request can be considered only after the completion of 6 EMIs

9. There won’t be any refund of the amount paid for the first 6 months

10. I understand that overdue and bounce of EMI payment shall affect the CIBIL of my co applicant

11. There is no obligation held by the institution for the sanctioning and disbursal

12. At any stage if the loan is denied, the institution shall not be liable for any kind of refund whatsoever

I Agree.

Education Loan

The Asian Academy of Film and Television believes that financial constraints should not restrict the dreams of its students.

All the programs at AAFT are available with financial aid in the form of educational loans/ EMIs.

Students will have the option to avail loans from any bank. However, for ease of access, we have tied-up with IDFC First Bank, and Grayquest for speedy disposal of loans.

We assist our students in speedy disposal of their loan applications across the country, through persistent guidance

Educational Loan/ Financing tie ups at AAFT:
IDFC First Bank

Students will have the option to avail loans from any bank. However, for ease of access, we have tied-up with Union Bank of India and Bank of India for a speedy disposal of loans.

We help our students in speedy disposal of their loan applications across the country

# Financing Options Lending Institutions Tentative ROI
A. Educational Loans Any Public Sector/ Private Bank of your choice 10% - 12% (Solely on the discretion of the choosen bank)
B. Educational Loans (Tenure based) IDFC First Bank 10% - 12% (Floating)
C. EMI/Subvention Grayquest 4% - 9% (Flat ROI)
Documents provided by AAFT

  • Admission Letter (Shobhit University)
  • Admit Card (Shobhit University)
  • Result Card (Shobhit University)
  • Bondafide Letter (Shobhit University)
  • Fee Receipt and Fees Structure (Shobhit University)
  • Placement (Shobhit University)
  • Student eligibility

  • Should be an Indian national.
  • Should have secured admission in India or abroad to pursue higher / professional/ technical education, through appropriate selection process and cleared the qualifying examination, if any.
  • No restriction with regard to the minimum and maximum age.
  • Expenses included in Loan

    Fees payable to college, university fee, examination fee, hostel and boarding expenses, equipments, laptop and more.

    Procedure for Loan Assistance
    • EMI - for all degree/ diploma courses
    • Educational loan (Tenure based)- for all degree/ diploma courses
    • Educational loan (Moratorium based) - Only for degree courses and enrollment for Shobhit University
    We ensure hassle-free loan approval!
    Loans Sanctioned by Nationalized Banks(*)
    Important Note:
    • The institute is responsible only for assisting students in the loan application; however, every approval is solely based on the third party's discretion and is subjected to the financial standing and CIBIL of the applicant & their co-applicant.
    • All other terms and conditions mentioned by the loan-granting financing body shall be applicable.
    • The assistance provided to the student, in any form, is not liable to create any legal or other obligation on the institution.

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