PG Diploma in Film and TV Production Direction

Wish to make a career in Film and TV production? One-year diploma from AAFT School of Cinema will help you acquire knowledge about different film and TV production elements right from conceptualizing, writing, producing, shooting to editing. The course will enable students to gain an in-depth understanding of all the processes involved that will help them create their own productions.

Key Takeaways

Understanding all the facets of film and TV production

Understand the aesthetic dimensions of visuals and audio inputs and their placement.

Gaining knowledge about the fundamentals of acting, cinematography as well as video editing and sound recording.

Learning how to pitch concepts and storylines


  • Introduction to the elements of screenplay
  • Learning how to develop a screenplay
  • Learning about Cinematography and lighting techniques
  • Understanding different elements of post-production
  • Learning different techniques of editing and sound recording in Film and TV.
  • Learning how to develop Films/TV Projects

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