Academic Dean

Academic Dean

Welcome to the School of Digital Marketing. We firmly believe that every student, whoever joins us, is a talent to be tapped. We place confidence in making every student learn rather in just teaching. With our student-centric efforts we are determined to draw out the best in each one of them. Our philosophy is about continuous evaluation of the student. We do not expect them to do the proper things always. We encourage them to make mistakes, to experiment, to explore the untreaden path in the world of animation and multimedia. For after all, Design is thinking different.

We nurture an artistic environment that is personalized, innovative and progressive. The School of Digital Marketing provides its students and the community various forums to develop a meaningful dialogue about graphics and animation, its expression, and purpose. Our active involvement with the industry professionals, artists and designers through master classes, workshops, seminars and guest lecturers reinforces the classroom experience. Students learn to develop and build networks which helps them to create professional, productive relationships that lasts a lifetime.

Our commitment to quality education continues to flourish as is evidenced from the outstanding work created by SOA students. You can explore the student projects to witness the technical skill and the level of creativity in their work. At our Animation school the students learn to give life to their imagination. They have the advantage of a variety of elective courses from the degree and diploma programmes in animation and multimedia.

We are committed to furthering the excellence of the art of character, creature design in the Animation and Multimedia Industry by continuing to create using traditional, modern sculpture techniques and design methods to bring the most memorable characters and creatures to life for audiences around the world to experience and enjoy. As you continue to look for the graphics, multimedia, animation and visual effects school that fits your goals, we are sure all your questions will be answered when you visit our campus.