Certificate Course in still photography is a three-month photography programme which targets to provide basic knowledge with a blend of practical and theoretical sessions. Our emphasis is bestowed to teach diversified shot taking techniques and lighting techniques to create a complete educational package in a short period. Our key objective is to give an opportunity to acquire knowledge with any camera to apply the principles of lighting, composition to produce professional images and color theory to a variety of photographic scenarios by measuring, evaluating, and adjusting light and color to create quality images. The mechanics of exposure to control light and influence the final product. The outcome of this course is the knowledge of lighting techniques, composition, and aesthetic skills taught will be applied in various other inter-related assignments like that of photography and analysis of visual communication in the field of media convergence. Through this course, we strive to provide both technical and academic educational opportunities that enable individuals to become contributing members of the workforce and adapt to the shifting demands of the workplace throughout their careers.