Retaining the Craft of ‘Jamdani’ – Figured Muslins!

‘Jamdani’ is a woven cotton fabric known for finest muslins. The word Jamdani is derived from two Persian words- ‘Jam‘ and ‘Dani‘ meaning ‘flower’ and ‘a vase or a container’ respectively. It refers to figured designs or motifs on a fine muslin (white thin cloth) base, i.e. weaving designs are made with an extra weft … Read more

Fashion Courses: Imparting Professionalism to Industry Aspirants

Fashion industry encompasses various roles and responsibilities in its ambit. Those who wish to make career in the glamor world must possess comprehensive understanding of various aspects that are significant to the industry as a whole. This includes knowledge of the market from both, business point of view and customer preferences. Professional education programs help … Read more

How Professional Courses Help in Entering the Fashion Industry?

Many aspirants in the world of Fashion become lost even before reaching the point of success. This is because of inability to sustain the rigorous and exhaustive industry environment. Some aspirants may not be able to optimally utilize their skills or exhibit technical knacks when faced with the real working conditions. Thus, undergoing professional education … Read more

How to Become a Fashion Designer?

The glittering world of Fashion requires dedication, rigorous hard work and knowing the right roadmap to establish a successful career. To become a professional fashion designer, aspirants must have a sound technical knowledge along with a natural inclination and insight of designs, styling and fashion trends. The most important aspect is to build an understanding … Read more

Design your own trend-based Fashion Jewellery

For students aspiring to be among the leading fashion jewellery designers, the roadmap is to get acquainted with the basics of jewellery making and this creative business. They can learn about the creative techniques for designer jewellery by taking a professional course in jewellery design and later, go for a master’s program focused on the … Read more

Good Lighting can transform the Interiors

Interior design is considered to be a costly, time-intensive process whether it is about renovating an existing space or working on new property altogether. Interior designers work to envision, lan, and transform a property into a real home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the customer. A well-designed space involves collaborative efforts of the … Read more