Why Acting Courses are Essential to Build Career in Cinema?

To be successful in any job, it is essential to have clear understanding of its basics. So is the case with Acting. Other than being a world full of glamour and fame, it also requires rigorous hard-work, perseverance, dedication and continuous self-improvisation. Acting courses provide aspiring students with a platform through which they can learn … Read more

Editing – The Invisible Art of Film Making

As quoted by Francis Ford Coppola, “The essence of cinema is editing”. It is an art and a discipline where the well-composed shots are assembled into a coherent sequence to provide the viewers with a story, as intended by the Director. Editing is an essential part of making any film – feature, short or documentary, … Read more

Cinematography — The Essence of Filmmaking

Cinematography is an art. It focuses on storytelling through stills and visuals. The artistry in cinematography lies in controlling what the viewer sees and how that presentation is drafted. For this reason, the cinematographers are acknowledged as the Directors of Photography. They assist directors in plotting a film’s visuals and collaborate with writers to communicate … Read more

Asian School of Media Studies 2014 Session has started

“You need to develop better thinking and a stronger feelings to be a better human being so that you can do good karmas to convert this earth into heaven” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios on the inauguration of new batch of undergraduates of ASMS 2014-17 session. “We have left no stone untried to … Read more