Role of Professional Knowledge and Training in the Industry of Events

Event management courses can be the powerful medium to portray your talent through organizing and planning an event. Aspirants learn about the professional techniques to plan and organize an event under the guidance of experts and professionals at one of the finest or best institutes, colleges or schools. Learning and training can be an advantage … Read more

Significance of Professional Knowledge & Training in Advertising

Advertising is one of the powerful mediums that work as a bridge to establish effective communication amid products and targeted or mass audience. Knowledge and training to learn techniques and tools for creating ads of various formats can be the stepping-stone of success for the learners. Aspirants choose to learn advertising at one of the … Read more

Prominence of Education to Enter in the Profession of Public Relation

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PR and Social Media Marketing : Difference in Execution

Social Media Marketing and Public Relations are considered as the most effective marketing tools to create and manage a brand image. Both exhibit immense outreach, but have different campaign objectives, marketing techniques and engagement tactics. With the advent of social media, the marketing paradigm changed to a great extent. Initially, it was just PR that … Read more