Learning to Make Films that can Create a Powerful Impact on Society

Film making impacts the society through its content. It is a powerful means of communication that has the ability to showcase true image of the society without any biasness. Other than entertaining the general audience, the Cine industry can be motivated and sensitized by depicting issues relevant to the society. This includes topics of social, … Read more

Understanding The Key to Success in Cinema Industry through Professional Education

Cinema industry is an artistic as well as technical field. Professionals in this domain must be equipped with comprehensive knowledge of various processes and technicalities that impact the film making process. Those who wish to build career in this field must be acquainted with the industry trends and requirement. They must possess in-depth knowledge of … Read more

Post-Production: Learning Technicalities to Fine-Tune the Movie

Post-Production is an essential aspect of filmmaking. It is associated with making decisions and fine-tuning the content that would be broadcasted once the live-camera shooting is completed. Professionals in this domain work on channelizing the raw footage into a logical sequence that exhibits creative ideas and notions of the script.They are responsible for reviewing, cutting, … Read more

How Film Making Course Can Help Cinema Aspirants?

To enter the world of Cinema, one must be well-acquainted with various aspects that are involved in the whole filmmaking process viz., direction, acting, cinematography, post-production,audio, etc. By joining a film school at an early stage, aspirants acquire skills and expertise which allows them to sustain in this competitive world. At AAFT School of Cinema, … Read more

Learn to Build Look and Feel of the Movie through Cinematography Course

The field of Cinema is beyond what is visible on the screen. Hundreds of people from different departments work hard to bring to uswhat we see on the silver screen. Cinematography is one such field that immensely impacts the look and feel of the movie. Professionals in this domain are responsible for taking vital decisions … Read more