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Are you passionate about making designs and turning them into real-life wearables? Fashion design might be the right career option for you. Fashion designing is the art and science of making and designing accessories, clothes, and footwear and getting them made. There is a myth that it is hard to make a career out of fashion designing or only high-class people can afford to make a career out of it. You can turn your big dreams of being a fashion designer into a highly rewarding career if you follow the right steps and keep practicing your skills.

Skills for a fashion designer-

  • ·         Good at research – A fashion designer must be able to research well. There might be different themes that a designer will be required to make designs on. To make such designs, a fashion designer must be able to research those topics. Also, a designer must have knowledge of different kinds of fashions and fashion in different eras and also the history of fashion trends.
  • ·         Sketching – Fashion designers must be able to convey their thoughts and ideas. For that, they must be able to sketch well so that their ideas can be understood by the tailors and pattern makers.  Mostly the designers must know how to create fashion illustrations to convey their vision.
  • ·         Material and Fabric Expert – Fashion designers must know the textiles well. They must know the properties, durability, and suitability of the fabric. Designers must closely work with the textiles and fabrics to select the right fabric for their designs.
  • ·         Trend Analyst – A  fashion designer must be able to predict trends and incorporate them into the designs that are being made. It is important to make sure that the designs are according to the trends and which can be sold easily in the market. It is important to make sure that the trends are researched well.
  • ·         Pattern maker – Part of the Fashion Designing Course is pattern creation. Designers work directly with pattern producers or create their own patterns to guarantee the proper fit and form of clothing.
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Steps to make fashion design your career

Develop Skills –

Developing an eye for detail and a great sense of creativity are prerequisites for fashion design. Jot down your ideas and experiment with several styles. Knowledge of how clothes are made is also essential. Learn to sew by enrolling in sewing lessons. Analyze Fashion Trends: Read fashion periodicals, go to fashion shows, and follow social media influencers in the industry to stay up to date on current trends.

Get formal education –

Join a Fashion Design Program from a respectable institution or fashion school. Generally speaking, courses include computer-aided design (CAD), pattern creation, sewing, draping, and textiles. If you want to grasp the business side of the sector, think about taking additional courses in marketing, business, and fashion retail.

Gain experience

For practical experience and industry knowledge, look for internships with well-known designers or fashion houses. Work on Personal Projects and put together your portfolios and collections. Play with several materials, designs, and looks. To get experience and contacts, begin with entry-level employment in the fashion sector, such as retail or assistant design.

Build a portfolio

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Gather your finest work, together with sketches, photos of completed clothing, and any involvement in fashion shows. Applications for jobs and networking both require a great portfolio. Build an online portfolio or website to present your designs. Use Pinterest and Instagram among other social media sites to expand your following.

Network in the industry

Take Part in Trade Fairs, Fashion Shows, and Industry Events to Meet Experts and Possible Partners. Become a Member of Professional Associations Join associations in the design business like the Council of Design Designers of America (CFDA). Forge Connections Link up with other influencers, buyers, photographers, and designers. Collaboration and career prospects can result from networking.

Market Yourself

Build a polished website and keep up current accounts on LinkedIn and Instagram. Exchange designs and interact with fans. Take part in design and fashion events to increase your profile and reputation.

How to convert your skills into a brand?

After you have the skills and passion for fashion design, it can become easier for you to open your brand. The process requires strategic planning and implementation.

Here are some tips for starting your fashion brand.:-

Define your niche-

It is important to understand which niche you want to work in. A niche can make it easier for you to get into the market and establish yourself.

Create a Business Plan-

It is important to create a business plan to start a brand. The business plan must define the business’s vision, mission, vision, and long-term goals. It also includes analyzing the market conditions and competitors.

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Market your brand-

It is important to market your brand through different ways and strategies. There are different platforms where you can market your brand.

Manage your finances-

Lay down a thorough operational, marketing, and production budget for your company. If needed, investigate possibilities for financing including grants, investors, or small company loans. To monitor money and make sure your company is profitable, use accounting software or employ an accountant.

Summing up

These are major things a fashion designer must learn to convert design skills into a rewarding business. There are various stages of a business when different skills are needed. One must learn the skills to be a professional in the industry. Fashion design is a skill-based industry that requires practice.

If you are interested in fashion design and business. You must explore the courses offered by AAFT, School of Fashion Design. The institute focuses on teaching students through practical projects and industry exposure.

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