3D Animation

Learn the Technicalities from Top 3D Animation School in Delhi NCR

Animation in itself is a wide field encompassing varied disciplines in its ambit. As per expert reports, this sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.2 percent over 2017-21. Outsourcing projects and increasing use of VFX for domestic film & television productions are the top factors that have acted as a catalyst in its growth. Students who aspire to take this field forward as a career choice must keep themselves up to date with the technical know-how of various aspects and processes involved in this domain.

By pursuing professional diploma and degree courses, students can build a strong foundation of significant principles and theories relevant to the industry. AAFT School of Animation is among the top schools in Delhi NCR that provide extensive training to students, thus, preparing them for rigorous working conditions. Through its industry-relevant skill curriculum, it provides students a platform to enhance knowledge and understanding of various attributes pertinent to the disciplines of 2D & 3D Animation, VFX, Sculpting, Character Designing, Lighting, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion, etc.

Ranked among top professional institutes, it provides students the much-needed exposure through a range of practical exercises, workshops, exhibitions, and projects. The more students are facilitated with the opportunity to transform theoretical learning into practical application, the more they enhance their skills, thus, acquiring the necessary expertise to befit the industry.

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