Multimedia Courses: Making Aspirants Competent for Various Career Opportunities

Multimedia professionals work with images, audio, video, special effects, and animation to visually represent a story or proliferate information with the help of computer technology. This technique has created a path through which the intended message can be proliferated in a clear and attractive way. Professionals with technical knacks and creative vision can pursue multimedia courses to acquire relevant knowledge and expertise.

Students can analyze their interests and accordingly choose a domain as a career choice. They can work as animator, graphic designer, sculptor, VFX artists, rigging experts, character designers, web developers, etc. Organizations in media, entertainment, advertising, gaming, publishing industries employ multimedia experts on various profiles.

Education programs make students competent to enter and sustain in this industry. They introduce students to the tools and techniques through which they become acquainted with the working technicalities involved in the process of creating a multimedia production. Through these programs, they learn about crucial aspects that impact the creative process such as lighting, texturing, rigging, sculpting, rendering, etc. This imparts them the knowledge of how to use different techniques and their interdependence.

AAFT School of Animation is a premier institution that aims to facilitate professional training through high-end 3D Animation studio, Chroma lab, sketching studio, post-production lab and other state-of-the-art facilities. This allows them to gain practical training and become industry-ready.

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