Understanding Cinema Through Film Education

When we talk about movies, generally the first thoughts are about actors, directors or singers associated with it. The field of Cinema is, in fact, associated with varied disciplines other than these popularly known ones. A lot more has to be put in the movie to yield the desired result. People working on different profiles come together to ensure smooth operation of the entire filmmaking, editing and distribution process. Significant domains and roles associated with this industry include cinematography, post-production, casting, costume designing, makeup and styling, sound technicians, camerapersons, archivists, art directors, etc.

It becomes essential for aspirants to thoroughly understand different roles and their technicalities associated with this domain. Pursuing film education allows them to gain this requisite knowledge and build a base to acquire pivotal skills through which they can sustain in this industry. At AAFT School of Cinema, students have the option to choose from a wide range of courses offering complete industry insights and also specialized knowledge of specific domains. Through high-end facilities like film & TV studio, shooting floor, post-production lab, etc.; students get the opportunity to instill practical skills.

Practical knowledge and expert guidance can help students to gain a better understanding of the industry. This allows them to gauge their interest and pave a way to establish career in the domain of choice.

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