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Learning the Significance of Pattern Making in the Fashion Designing Process

Patternmaking is a crucial step in the fashion designing process. It involves different processes and methods through which a sketched design moves towards the production stage. This craft is associated with drafting patterns for garment construction and thus, involves deep knowledge of varied shapes, proportions and body type. Aspirants who wish to enter this industry must focus on acquiring technical knacks. Professional fashion designing courses help students to gain industry-relevant knowledge and skills.

Education programs at AAFT School of Fashion and Design provide students a platform to develop in-depth understanding of the industry through upgraded curriculum and practical learning initiatives. One can gain expertise of the complete designing process through these learning programs. It helps them to learn the intricacies of significant aspects like fabrics, measurement, markings, sewing, draping, etc.

It is eminent for students to gain understanding of human body and shapes. This helps them to gain competency for making patterns keeping in consideration the difference in curves, proportions and different body types. This stage plays a prominent role since it carves out the artistic vision of the designer as the output of technical competency. Pursuing professional courses can help students to understand different roles and responsibilities associated with this industry.

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