Career in Interior Designing

Why Build a Career in Interior Designing?

Interior Designing is a tremendously growing field that is associated with creating or redefining spaces to make them optimally functional and visually attractive. This field has fast become a popular choice amongst the people in India in recent years. In this modern era, it has become a full-fledged professional career path that one can pursue. The proliferation of professional studies through interior designing courses provides aspiring candidates a platform through which they can build careers in this industry.

According to industry surveys and reports, this industry has witnessed an annual growth rate of approximately 6.75% and is expected to grow multifold in the coming future. Change in the lifestyle of people has resulted in the idea and trends of spaces in houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc. People these days like spaces that are appealing, functional, tech-savvy as well as cost-effective. There is a significant change in the styles and compatibility of elements like furniture, lighting, sanitary ware, flooring, etc.

Interior Design Course

People these days want the space they are living in to symbolize their style, values, and choices. Courses at AAFT are tailored to meet the changing requirements of this industry. Students can gain technical knowledge and designing skills that are essential to sustain in this industry. It provides them a platform to gain practical exposure and interpersonal skills

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