Diploma Film making

Learning To Make Films That Can Create A Powerful Impact On Society

Film making impacts society through its content. It is a powerful means of communication that has the ability to showcase true image of society without any biasness. Other than entertaining the general audience, the Cine industry can be motivated and sensitized by depicting issues relevant to society. This includes topics of social, cultural, historical, national, and international importance. Those who wish to make a career in this domain must be well-equipped with technical knowledge as well as incorporate a sense of social responsibility.

One may develop technical and artistic skills by pursuing film making courses but to become ethically responsible, it requires experience and goodwill. They must hone themselves in a way that they understand their role in shaping the psyche of the viewers. They should avoid mixing biasness, personal opinions or judgments in a movie. If they wish to achieve success in this industry, they must strive to gauge the preference and choices of the audience.

AAFT School of Cinema offers its students a platform where they can learn all aspects of film making. A wide range of hands-on activities, events, and projects help students to gain first-hand industry experience. This enables them to develop requisite skills and understanding through which they can lead a successful career in this industry.

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