Animation and VFX Course

Getting Equipped With Skills Necessary For Building Career In The Animation Industry

The Multimedia and Animation industry is associated with a proliferating message in a creative and interactive manner with the use of images, videos, and audio in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional space using computer-generated tools and software. Aspirants who intend to make a career in The Animation field must be equipped with industry-relevant technical knowledge and different skill-sets that would help to scale up the ladder of success.

One can join a diploma or degree in animation, multimedia, VFX, game design, or any other discipline of their choice to befit this industry. Professional training facilitates students a platform to develop skills for enhancing their creativity and visualization skills. These are an important asset for anyone who wishes to create a distinguished mark in this domain since aspirants can efficiently showcase their unique vision, style, and skills. AAFT School of Animation strives to offer students first-hand exposure to the industry environment to prepare them for any challenges or difficulties while simultaneously letting them understand the scope and expectations prevailing here. Students also learn relevant interpersonal qualities like patience, hard work, focus, determination, time management, market research, and more through various hands-on workshops, fests, exhibitions, master classes, etc. This helps them to become industry-ready and enter the field with professionalism & requisite expertise.

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