Character Sculpting

Character Sculpting for Awesome Character Creation

When we think of animation, the first thing that comes to our mind is animated GIFs, animated emails and postcards, animated cartoons, animated 3D models, and so on. To begin with, 2D animation is the most basic method for creating two-dimensional cartoon characters and objects, where all the actions happen in the x-y axis. The working method for creating 3D models or animated figures is entirely different as it includes an extra dimension, the z-axis. Modern-day 3D Modeling requires digital media, which is closely similar to sculpting a character from clay using the traditional method.

AAFT School of Animation has an outstanding learning environment for budding artists in the field of multimedia and animation. Our teaching pedagogy follows the rule of thumb which is to work from low to high. It implies that for our students to realize a career in animation seriously at or after graduation, we encourage them by starting out at the basic level which involves drawing or sketching a character of their choice and then moving on to the next level of constructing a clay sculpture of their character.

Character Sculpting is a critical step in animation production that enhances the conceptual skills in the learners, whether they want to become cartoon animators, or concept designers who make use of animation software for Architectural designs, Industrial prototype designs, Automobile designs, etc. Every artist, in order to create an animation of International quality, must visualize. This pre-visualization activity is one of the important parts of the pre-production stage in creating a 2D form into a 3D sculpture, as it is the only “real” representation of characters existing in a flat two-dimensional world.

Students working in a digital environment will have to create a 3D Model based on a pre-made two-dimensional sketch of the character from different views. This will primarily enhance their IT skills while working on the tools and applications. And to allow them to achieve expertise in their conceptual skills along with the design skills, we have introduced character sculpting in the school curriculum.

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