VFX Courses: Enter The Domain of Special Effects

Special effects used in the movies like Bahubali, Krish, etc. have managed to enthrall and capture interest of the audience. This technology is used to fine tune the shot images and create an imaginary world that otherwise is difficult or impossible to be shot with camera. For those who possess creative vision and is intrigued by the wonders that computer technology can cast, this field may be the right choice to establish career in. Aspiring students can gain requisite knowledge and skills through professional training programs.

Education programs allow aspirants to understand different operations, processes and techniques related to this industry. They learn to exhibit creativity through their craft and bring innovation in their work. At AAFT School of Animation, an aspirant looking forward to join the VFX industry can pursue Diploma or PG Diploma courses that are designed specifically to befit this industry. Through different projects, workshops and seminars, they get ample opportunities to gain practical exposure. Film and videos shot and produced through its in-house production house provides students an opportunity to experience and administer the whole production process, thereby, providing them relevant industry exposure.

Students learn different techniques that are significant to this industry such as user interface design, modeling, lighting along with the competency to work with industry-relevant software and tools.