Interior Designing Course

Interior Designing: The Dynamic Field Redefining Appearance of Developments

Interior Designing is an innovative field that is concerned with making spaces visually appealing while simultaneously making them optimally functional. This requires both aesthetic skills and technical competency. While this field may appear to be exciting and full of thrills; equal hard-work and perseverance is required to be successful in this domain. Since it is concerned with creating designs that are unique and innovative, it also poses challenge for professionals to constantly come up with ideas and concepts that are not only dynamic but also viable.

AAFT School of Interior Design facilitates professional training in this craft through different interior design courses which are designed and structured under the guidance of industry experts. This allows students to gain industry-specific knowledge, thereby, acquiring expertise required to befit this industry. Through various project works, exhibitions, master classes and workshops, we provide students a dynamic environment to gain practical apprehension.

Through learning programs, students inherit knowledge on different aspects that impact the design of a space such as lighting, textures, drapes, colors, furniture, flooring, etc. They acquire knacks essential to make decisions regarding selections, placements and styling for aesthetic renovation of establishments. Thus, if you possess the talent to enthrall everyone with your creative vision and have the requisite designing sense, the industry of interior designing might be the right choice for you.

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