Entering the World of Fashion Communication with Industry-Relevant Expertise

The world ofglamour holds more than just what meets our eyes. It is a blend of technical and artistic processes like fashion designing, illustration, communication, visual merchandising, makeup and more. Those who aspire to build career in this domain must possess sound technical expertise and deep understanding of the industry. Aspirants can acquire suchknowledge by pursuing professional diploma and degree fashion courses. Amongst others, fashion communication is one discipline that is fast gaining prominence in the recent times.

Professionals working in this domain are responsible forcreating strategies and communication plans for proliferating the intended message to the targeted audience. It is also their part to communicate the product or design ideas to various internal departments as well as to different clients. They must be well-acquainted with the market trendsand future predictions so as tobring out the designs and products that would be easily accepted by the audience.

Education programs equip students with the requisite knowledge and skillsthrough which they can become competent for various roles and responsibilities associated with this field. At AAFT School of Fashion and Designstudents get a dynamic platform to gain relevant industry exposure. It facilitates industry-specific expertise through upgraded curriculum anda range of hands-on workshops, master classes, events, festsand more.