Enter Mass Communication and Journalism Industry- The Field of Extensive Opportunities

Anyone who wish to build career in mass communication and journalism industry must be well-acquainted with its vital concepts. They must learn aspects of print Journalism, news, newsroom, working of a reporter, etc. which would, ultimately, help them to develop skills of basic journalistic writing and print layout. It will also provide a platform for understanding. Pursuing professional degree or diploma in mass communication and journalism can act as the stepping-stone of success for the legion of passionate aspirants.

Through such programs, they can gain in-depth knowledge of the industry fundamentals and principles. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Defining Journalism and Mass Communication, their significance in the society
  • Role and characteristics of print media.
  • Understanding press, newspaper, magazine and periodicals
  • Structure of News
  • Qualities of a Journalist
  • News Media Organizations and its functioning
  • Introduction to News Agencies

School of Journalism and Mass Communication is dedicated to facilitate industry-oriented training to the interested aspirants through its extensive range of training modules. This helps them to gain confidence and become industry-ready.