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Make an Informed Decision: Explore Different Fields in Journalism

In today’s rapidly evolving world, fairness and accuracy in news reporting have become considerably important. To stay connected and well informed about the latest happenings across the world, the country, or the city, the news organizations publish news reports in a variety of media.

A significant part of this exciting world of fast-changing political stories, crimes, controversies, and local events, is the well-educated, eloquent, and unbiased journalists. Many of these professionals have upgraded their proficiency levels to specialize in various types of writing catering to diverse audiences.

With the changing trends in the field of mass media communication, journalism education has undergone a sea of change. From generic to specialized areas, journalism can be mastered in topics like Arts & Culture, Business, Politics, Science & Technology, and many others. The list below highlights some of the key areas in journalism that will allow you to make a sound career choice.

► Arts Journalism► Fashion Journalism
► Business Journalism► Medical Journalism
► Crime Journalism► Political Journalism
► Education Journalism► Science Journalism
► Entertainment Journalism► Sports Journalism
► Environmental Journalism► Technology Journalism

Journalism is the backbone of the media industry. To be successful as a journalist, you require skills, exceptional training, and formal education to sustain yourself in this competitive field. Though some of the famous journalists received no structured education in journalism, they displayed a passion for honesty and integrity in their work without compromising the truth. Journalism education today must match the innovation of the professionals already in the field. For that, the budding professionals need to be well equipped with the right knowledge and exposure to be brilliant at their job in the future.

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AAFT School of Mass Communication has 3 major tracks, which are professional Journalism, Electronic Media, and Mass Communication. Being among the top journalism colleges in India, we offer full-time degree programs through our media-oriented curriculum. The students here are trained to conduct analysis, criticize and debate on a subject matter of their interest, and taught to write clear and concise copy and to report the facts in an unbiased manner.

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Do you want free career counseling?

Ignite Your Ambitions- Seize the Opportunity for a Free Career Counseling Session.

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