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Indian viewers are now much more familiar with animation and visual effects used in advertisements on television and digital media, implying that there is huge scope for animators and digital artists in Indian advertising industry today. Now the question that arises is “why” and “how” camera-oriented Indian advertisement industry easily digests this unique but creative mode of media.

We can easily find animation in every advertisement these days and the reason is animation gives more freedom to the ad-gurus and film-makers to think out-of-the-box, something more unique and unseen before. Animation helps a lot when you want to depict something beyond the limitations of camera and live action. In simple words, if a script/scene/shot required a character, an object or a place with larger than life size, digital animation not only helps to generate it but also saves time, minus the budget of the ad-film or feature film.

In this YouTubers era, nobody hesitates to utilize animation and visual effects tools to present their work online. Most of us think that the animation is only a classic or traditional art, but we generally forget that this is an epoch of new-media. Today, art is not only associated with creativity, but it is combined with technology. The leading tools and software have become an essential part of digital film-making. With the help of 2D animation and 3D animation software, any production house and studio can do wonders.

Animation careers have more scope now-a-days. With businesses moving to digital platforms for promotion, advertisement clips with animation and VFX are hot selling. This recent rise in animation production is being driven by the Corporates’ need to better engage with their target audiences online. With constant inclusion of animation in advertisements have increased job opportunities in this creative field.

India, like other countries, too has a growing market for animation content. From a broader perspective, it is observed that animation work is applicable in movies, television, and advertisement. Vodafone Zoozoo, Mortein, Appy Fizz, Frooti, Amaron, All Out & Glucon-D are few product brands that have utilized animation wonders in the video advertisement campaigns to grab audience attention. This has gradually led to professional hiring of animation experts by ad-film makers, production houses & studios.

Television commercials, animation films and internet advertisements call for aspirant animators and multimedia experts. To gain technical training and education in the field of 3D Animation Course after 12th, students can enroll in art schools that offer animation degree courses. AAFT School of Animation is one of the finest multimedia colleges of India that offer programs which are more focused on the creative and artistic side of computer animation. The institute equips students with the right skill and offers right guidance through live projects in the growing field of animation, VFX and multimedia.

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