Animation and VFX Course

Making Career in the Animation and VFX Industry

The Indian Animation and VFX industry has witnessed a tremendous rise in the recent years and is expected to grow in the coming future as well, according to industry surveys and reports. This has resulted in the creation of different employment opportunities and the emergence of new disciplines in the industry. It has also prolife rated the need of professional studies in multimedia and animation industry to endow aspirants with relevant expertise.

This field has gained significance due to the varied creative opportunities it extends to the aspirants. It provides them a platform to exhibit their technical competency as well as toharvest their visualization skills. It lets them work with technology while blending art in it. Professionals in this domain are responsible for creating designs through which the intended message can be delivered in an interesting and captivating way with the use of images, videos and sound.

It is, thus, essentialfor aspirants to focus equally on technical and the artistic aspects. They must acquire in-depth knowledge of principles, techniques and different disciplines vitalin the designing process and must also hone their creative skills to add innovation and uniqueness in their designs. Students at AAFT Schoolof Animation are facilitated with the extensive learning environment through which they can gain relevant practical exposure that helps them to befit the changing dynamics of the industry.

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