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Sketching- An Art that Multimedia and Animation Aspirants Must Master

Sketching can be considered as a base for any design to be made. Graphic designing, animation or any other multimedia content type requires sketching as the first step. It helps the professionals to build in their minds a basic understanding of what has to be created. It also lets them ensure that their design is as per the requirements and preferences of the client or the project brief. This requires technical expertise as well as artistic intelligence on the part of professionals.

Professionals in this domain can easily decide the future roadmap of designs by evaluating its primitive idea with the help of sketches or storyboarding. Multimedia aspirants can understand the significance, principles, techniques and fundamentals of sketching through graphic designing and animation courses. It helps them to create a basic composition of different characters, layouts, etc. and easies the process of further development of the concepts through visual exploration.

Courses offered at AAFT School of Animation are specially tailored to meet the industry requirements and facilitate students with the profound practical knowledge. Students get a dynamic environment through which they can learn to create unique designs and develop a robust base of the role, significance, purpose and types of sketching.

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