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The Need to Understand Different Aspects of 3D Animation

3D Animation refers to the process of creating three-dimensional moving images with the help of software programs in such a way that it gives an illusion of movement. The process of 3D Animation moves through various stages and requires technical knowledge of different aspects involved in the process. By undergoing Animation studies, students can acquire the much needed knowledge and skills to attain greater heights in this domain.

Animators give shape to their ideas and concepts through software like AutoDesk, Cinema 4D Photoshop, After Effects, Swift 3D, etc. Although a career in this field may be easy to start it is hard to rise in the industry without a proper blend of creativity, knowledge and aspiration to always learn new things.

AAFT School of Animation is a premier institute that caters to the need of instilling technical competence in students while simultaneously enhancing their soft skills. With its rigorous in-house projects and training sessions, it provides students with the much needed platform for gaining relevant industry exposure.

The courses provided here are structured to provide students the fundamental knowledge of different principles and stages pertinent to the whole process such as modeling, layout, staging, rigging, composition, overlapping, texturing, rendering and more.

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