Editing -The Invisible Art of Film Making

As quoted by Francis Ford Coppola, “The essence of cinema is editing”. It is an art and a discipline where the well-composed shots are assembled into a coherent sequence to provide the viewers with a story, as intended by the Director. Editing is an essential part of making any film – feature, short or documentary, as the resulting scene can stimulate and/or heighten the excitement, emotion, shock or suspense if the script calls for it. It directly influences how the audience interprets or reacts to the screen presentation.

To a layman and the movie-buffs the importance of editing is not apparent, but the global film community acknowledges and appreciates the art of editing. Creative editing preserves the Director’s choices and streamlines the narrative. In other words, it involves making decisions, considering choices and re-examining the goals of film-making.

When creating a film or a video, within the limitations of equipment and budget, the quality of editing depends on the technique and practice. As soon as it goes into post production phase, the major chunk of work begins where the raw footage is transformed into a compelling and watchable movie or a finished episode. Post production involves editing, dubbing, effects, sound match, and mixing.

In the words of the famous film director Anthony Woller, “An editor need not be a writer, but he must know story structure; he need not be a cameraman, but he must understand pictorial composition and the compatibility of angles; he need not be a director, but he must feel the actors’ performances and the dramatic or comedy pacing as surely as the director.”

AAFT School of Cinema has a sophisticated infrastructure that supports film editing through advanced editing systems ranging from sophisticated digital suites to basic single-source systems. This premier film academy supports your dream of being a creative editor for films and other media, through the specialized course in post-production that covers:

  • video editing
  • audio editing
  • visual effects application
  • latest software editing packages

The academic program in film direction and production gives students a basic understanding of video editing techniques and aesthetic applications. The job scope in this field includes profiles such as post-production artist, digital artist, technical director, visual effects (VFX) editor, etc. If you wish to explore how a dream takes shape of a movie at the editing table, you can begin your career as a film editor right away.

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