Sports Journalism

Sports Journalism: A Popular Career Choice

Sports journalism is a specialized field in journalism dealing with amateur and professional sports events and the related news. Sports journalism involves communicating game statistics, interviewing coaches and players, reporting on sporting topics and competitions, and offering sports commentary on a variety of media, whether television, radio, print, or the internet.

If you are a sports fan who is intrigued by the championship game, league sports or the famous athletes of all time, entering into the field of sports journalism could be a worthwhile opportunity. For students who are passionate about sports and actively play a sport themselves, they might gravitate toward a career in sports journalism.

With changing perspectives on sports as a hobby, a career as an athlete, trainer or coach has become quite popular in India. With international sports events taking place, professional sports organizations have to take care of their media requirements. They require sports media professionals to represent their interests and activities through online news and press release media. In more recent years, the global scenario of sporting events has led to rise of freelance journalism on sports related news.

Journalism is a vast subject of study comprising of specialization areas as broadcast journalism, investigative journalism or cyberjournalism, photojournalism, sports journalism and many others. Among these, sports journalism has been gaining immense popularity worldwide. Institutes offering journalism degrees can be a good start to explore the job scope in this unique field of journalism.

For those who would like to pursue journalism, there exists a variety of sports journalism careers, such as:

  • Sports Writer for print media (including newspapers and magazines), radio, television and online media
  • Sports Reporter for print media (including newspapers and magazines), radio, television and online media
  • Sports Editor, Producer or Director of television or radio sports shows
  • Media Representative for sports teams, associations or major venues
  • Sports Commentator for radio or television
  • Sports Show Host for radio or television
  • Sport Journalist, that is sports information specialists

No course is comprehensive enough to include the evolving field of journalism, as there will always be new things to learn. AAFT School of Journalism and Mass Communication follows a focused approach toward addressing the skills development requirement of present-day newsrooms. The college facilitates learning in modern day journalism as well as traditional reporting through undergraduate and postgraduate journalism courses. The in-house infrastructure, comprising of a community radio station, online television, news agency and printing division, supports the all-round development of budding journalists.


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