Government Job Opportunities after doing Journalism

There is an expanded demand for government jobs now especially after the pandemic of COVID-19. More and more people are inclining towards the government sector now. But few may think that there are no opportunities for Journalism or Mass communication aspirants, which is certainly not true.

Openings in the field of news-casting are unending. With the hefty competition in this field, straightforward announcing isn’t adequate to sparkle in this field, rather more polished skills and specialization are required while revealing. For a fruitful vocation in the field of news-casting, one ought to have a curious psyche, capacity to coordinate musings, and to communicate them both orally and in composed configuration, an inclination for introducing data in succinct, precise, and in a viable way, resolution and a curious brain. The capacity to remain quiet and considerate in any event, during pressure circumstances can be an additional capability. Simultaneously, a journalist ought to be coordinated, certain, and careful while talking with individuals from various different backgrounds. He/ she ought to have the capacity to filter significant realities from superfluous data. Scientific abilities are additionally needed for translation of exploration and data.

News coverage wannabes can secure position open doors in three fundamental territories and they are:

  • Electronic (visual/sound) news-casting
  • Print news-casting
  • Instructing or examination

journalism career

Government occupations in the field of reporting:

Competitors with the graduation or Post-graduation in news-casting can secure position arrangement in the field of media too notwithstanding reporting. This incorporates the web, films, TV, radio, magazines, and papers. Media assumes a critical part in the scattering of data. Despite the fact that the greater part of the media houses in India are private-possessed, there are likewise open area media houses wherein news-casting graduates are selected. With regards to government occupations in news coverage, up-and-comers with instructive capabilities in the field of reporting can secure position open doors in media houses that are straightforwardly working heavily influenced by the Service of Data and Broadcasting of Legislature of India. A portion of the Public authority associations that select competitors with reporting capability are:

  • All India Radio
  • Press Council of India
  • Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
  • Doordarshan
  • Lok Sabha
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