Learn Cinematography Concepts through Industry-Oriented Training

Cinematography, as a craft, has gained much popularity in the recent years in India. There has been a significant rise in the demand of skilled experts in this field. This, in turn, has escalated the need of professional training in this craft. This is because this field has an integral role in the motion picture production, with main focus on enhancing visual storytelling through camera techniques, lighting methods and scene composition. Anyone who wish to build career here must be well-versed with the associated principles and processes.

A cinematographer is also known as Director of Photography (DP) since he/ she works in close coordination with the director for imparting the envisioned look and feel to the film. It is the duty of cinematographers to decide and arrange the technical requirements that would be needed to exhibit the script visually in the intended manner. An industry-oriented cinematography diploma course or degree program extends knowledge on the vital aspects, such as, camera handling, shot size and type, use of special effects, camera angles and movement , lightning techniques, editing and transitional devices, etc.

Cinematography Course India

AAFT School of Cinema primarily focuses on fostering a proficient blend of technical and artistic skills through which students can learn to befit varied roles and sustain in this industry. Industry exposure through practical activities, live projects and film fests allow students to gain mastery in the craft.

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