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Significance of Interrelation Among Different Cinema Disciplines

Film making is a massive domain that comprises of various processes. Any aspirant who wishes to make a career in this industry must be well equipped with the knowledge of different disciplines, the role and significance each possesses. Knowledge of interrelation among these processes is a must for aspirants to ensure the fluid and efficient making of the film. Film education courses help them to get equipped with such knowledge and gain insights on relevant tactics and principles.

The output in this industry is a result of different departments working together towards one vision.An aspirant must strive to understand how one role impact the other. For instance, a director must understand the ambit of an actor, a cinematographer must be towards the vision of a director, a story teller must keep in mind the viabilities and shooting possibilities, an actor must have knowledge about how camera angles, frames and lighting would impact their performance or portray their expressions.

Students at AAFT School of Cinema get a conducive environment to develop an extensive understanding of different disciplines and how they work. They can learn about different aspects associated with the entire process of filmmaking through live projects where they have to work in coordination with students of different specializations.

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