Diploma Film making

Understanding Social Responsibilities as a Filmmaker

Filmmaking is an extensive process that involves different operations to present a story on screen. It is a craft through which professionals can try to bring a positive change in society by projecting issues and topics that are significant to our lives. It is, thus, eminent for filmmakers to understand the crucial role they can play in reinforcing ethics and values in society. People in India, generally, love to spend their leisure time by watching movies. While we may forget some, there are others that leave a long-lasting impact on us.

Purposeful cinema is, thus, what movie makers must focus on. They must realize that they possess the power to use this communication tool for sensitizing people towards their rights, emotions, humanity, cultural significance, etc. Thus, aspirants who wish to establish career in filmmaking must also focus on developing the art of creating meaningful productions along with acquiring relevant technical knowledge.

Students at AAFT School of Cinema get a conducive environment to gain in-depth understanding of the industry trends and environment through its upgraded curriculum and innovative teaching methods. Through different projects, workshops and in-house productions, they also become well-acquainted with various aspects of human behavior and psyche. This helps them to understand the influence that movies can cast on people and insights on how they can make impactful & stirring films.

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