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Different Stages of Creative Fashion Design Process

Fashion Designing is a creative domain that provides professionals a platform to express their vision through their work. Students can learn the various steps and principles through education programs in the domain. Listed are some of the major processes that are pertinent to this industry:

Brief: It includes acquiring in-depth knowledge of various factors that would impact the entire process such as identifying the target audience, their preferences and needs, suitable season for launch, etc.

Forecasts:It is a significant aspect through which one can gain knowledge of what may be more accepted by the audience at a particular time through intensive study and analysis of trends.

Theme: Before designing, professionals determine a theme through which they can reflect their vision, ideas and notions in their collection.

Mood Board: It is created to set different characteristics such as ambiance, emotions, style, context, presence, etc. that depict or influence the overall mood of the design.

Inspiration Board: It is developed once the mood board is set and is used to provide and keep the guidelines & references handy.

Design Development: This stage includes the actual design work through sketching, CAD software and other industry-relevant tools & techniques. It includes evaluating fabric properties, selecting fabric type, colors, patterns, texture, creating illustrations, applying relevant principles, manufacturing, etc.

Detailing: It relates to the essential aspects, either decorative, hidden customized, delicate; that add to the finishing of the product.

Students at AAFT School of Fashion and Design are facilitated with practical knowledge of the above-mentioned processed and others through industry-relevant curriculum, labs & studios

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