Fashion Designing Course

Knowing Different Disciplines of Fashion Industry

The field of Fashion encompasses varied disciplines other than the domain of designing. Through professional education, aspiring students can learn about different processes and aspects relevant to the world of glamour. Contrary to the popular belief that one should undergo education programs in this domain only if they intend to establish a name as a fashion designer, the fact is, this domain holds plethora of career opportunities for students with different inclinations along-with the flair of fashion, style and trends.

Popular disciplines in Fashion industry

  • Modelling

This domain is an integral part of this glittering world. Designers showcase their unique collection through different ramp shows. Although it may seem all artistic yet this domain involves technical aspects like walking style, body language, expressions, etc.

  • Make-up and Styling:

It is among the emerging domain that is fast gaining popularity. Not only there is a need of styling experts at the time of shooting, instead they are required at the time of different events, visits, shows, award ceremonies, etc.

  • Illustration:

Designing illustrations is an important part in the designing process. These experts exhibit the ideas, concepts and designs on paper or screen before the actual manufacturing starts. It provides the first draft of how the design would actually look like.

  • Merchandising:

It acts as the connecting link between customers and designers. Experts in this discipline work to meet the customer requirements and the creative output of the designers.

  • Jewellery Designing:

The field of fashion is not only restricted to the designing of apparels, instead of jewellery and accessory design form an integral part of this industry. With the demand for unique, elegant and innovative ornaments, the scope of this field is also rising.

With upgraded courses and practical training facilities available at AAFT School of Fashion and Design, students here gain comprehensive knowledge through which they become competent to establish a successful career in the domain of their interest.

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