Simple Yoga Tips

Follow these Simple Yoga Tips to curb your Anxiety

We all are aware of the benefits of Yoga. It benefits mental health as well as the body. In a study, it has been determined that anxiety disorders affect approximately 38 million people. India has one of the world’s highest rates of mental illness. The symptoms of general anxiety can be improved with the help of yoga.

People suffering fromanxiety may benefit from yoga therapy since they are not pushed to rationalize their way out of fear. Instead, they are given tools and asanas to assist them in recognizing their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that cause them to become anxious.

Everybody, at some point in their life, experiences anxiety. It is a response to situations which are stressful and maybe not beneficial to us.

Here are a few simple tips following which you can curb or overcome your anxiety:

  • Practice Asanas

There are some yoga poses that can assist in the development of a happy and healthy mind &body. Asanas aid in the removal of stress and negativity from the body. Some of the asanas which you can practice daily: Dhanurasana, Matsyasana,JanuSirsasana, SetuBandhasana, Marjariasana, Paschimottanasana, Hastapadasana, AdhoMukhaSvanasana, Sirsasana (Headstand), Shavasana (Corpse Pose).

  • Pranayamas

Bringing your attention to your breath might help clear your mind of the distracting ideas that cause worry. Try the breathing exercises, such asKapalBhati, Bhastrika, and NadiShodhanpranayam.

  • Meditation

Meditation will relax your mind and canprove to be a medicine for a distracted person. Itwill help reduce your stress levels and provide relief to your anxiety, thus,improving your productivity levels. It also regulates your mood and thinking.

  • Adoption of Positive Thinking

Try to stay happy and live in the moment. A Positive approach will help in a less stressful life. It promotes a calm and happy mind.

  • Focusing on what you can do for others

When we’re overfocused on ourselves, we’re inviting tension and anxiety into our lives. Thinking about the unforeseen future and unnecessarily stressing ourselves. Instead,we can shift the focus to what we can do for others to bring a smile totheir face and how we can be helpful to others.

  • Understand that Nothing is Permanent

Meditation can help us realize and understand that nothing is permanent and everything is temporary. We can relieve ourselves from within and reduce unnecessary stressby acknowledging this fact. 

  • Surround yourself with Positive Company

A Positive company and attitude matters a lot. We influence each other in some way or the other, which will ultimately impact the overall thinking of our minds and approach toward life.

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