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Learn How Mass Media Courses can be the Key to Enter the Industry!

Journalism is the art of gathering, developing and broadcasting a news item amid masses across the world through different fastest mediums of communication like news channels, dailies/newspapers, publications, radio stations and others. One can gain required professional skills and knowledge in the expansive field of media across the world. Mass media courses can be the master key for the legion of passionate aspirants under the guidance of skilled experts or professionals at one of the finest education centers across India.

Journalism and mass communication courses can be the powerful medium for the aspirants with zeal and passion to grab opportunity in the industry of media across the world. One learns professional industry-relevant techniques at one of the finest education centers to become news anchors/presenters, news reporters/correspondents, photo and radio journalists, writers/editors, etc.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication under the aegis of AAFT has been one of the competent platforms that offers undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses to gain expertise in the field of media. Students learn via special sessions, industry-relevant master workshops and live projects or in-house publication & production. This helps them to give best shots to grab a better opportunity as per their specialized skills in this domain.

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