Journalism Course

Nurturing Journalistic Skills via Media Education Programs

The art and technique of developing, presenting and broadcasting any news item require months or may be a couple of learning & training through expert professionals’ guidance. Professional learning and training in this field can be the stepping-stone of success for the legions of passionate and enthusiastic aspirants. Journalism and mass communication courses can be the powerful medium to pursue the profession as a media expert or professional. These programs can be advantageous for the aspirants to grab better opportunity in the industry of media around the globe.

Through media education programs, one learns about the techniques or professional methods like research, newsgathering, writing or editing skills,news production, etc. One can attain the quality knowledge and training to give his/her best shot through various desks of responsibilities or profiles offered at one of the news channels, newspapers/dailies , radio stations, publications, etc. Employers consider candidates with professional education portfolios or profiles in this domain.

Amid the education centers, AAFT has been educating and training the army of passionate and enthusiastic aspirants since its foundation. Students at the competent platform get the opportunity to gain quality and advanced knowledge and training under the guidance of skilled experts & professionals. They learn through the live projects or in-house publications in one single platform. This helps them to portray their talent at different platforms or domains of electronic and print media across the world

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