Career Prospects in the Field of 3D Animation

3D animation is a computer technique through which designs/ models are created in a three-dimensional environment using images, videos and audio. This implies that different forms of media are integrated together using relevant software and tools so as to create designs which can be moved on screen like real objects. This calls for professionals to be endowed with strong technical knowledge of the associated principles and processes.

 Professional diploma and degree courses in 3D Animationfacilitate a platform for interested aspirants to develop industry-relevant skill-sets. This helps them to learn essential techniques such as motion capture, fluid stimulation, stereoscopic, morphing, claymation, etc. These courses not only enable students to create objects/ models, instead also make them competent in managing and editing the animation space. At AAFT School of Animation, students get opportunity to gain first-hand industry experience through hands-on workshops, live projects, events, exhibitions, etc. where they can practically apply the learned theoretical concepts.

 This field has potential to open different career options for students where they can exhibit their creative instincts. They can choose a domain of specialization as per own interest and aptitude. Aspirants can look for employment opportunities in this lucrative field as character VFX artists, character animators, rigging artist, 3D lighting artist, user interface designer, compositors and others.