Animation Course

Character Animation: Significance and Requisites

Animation is a creative field that holds the power to create the illusion of movement through the integration of different images, sound, clipart and videos, thereby projecting the impression of bringing characters to life through the use of computer software and techniques. They apply various principles and use various tools to impart identity and emotions to the characters they design.

Today, character animation has become an essential part of different domains such as gaming, cartoons, animated serials or movies, advertising and more. Pursuing animation courses allow aspirants to gain in-depth knowledge through which they can master this craft. They learn about techniques like rigging, masking, character sequences, key frames, curve deformers, etc. which are pertinent to the process of making the characters appear live.

Professionals in this domain must have a good timing sense since it has a vital role to play in projection of the message. They must also take care of character’s body movements, symmetry, balance and expressions. It is significant for them to deeply understand psyche of the characters they are creating and the intention of their motion. This allows them to portray on screen the true feeling behind the movements and expressions.

Students at AAFT School of Animation are facilitated with various opportunities to gain practical knowledge and learn skills through which they can thrive in this industry of art and techniques.

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