Multimedia Course

Understanding the Scope of Multimedia Degree Courses in India

Multimedia technology is all about imparting information through use of computers by integrating various mediums like image, sound, text and videos. This field has gained popularity due to the varied palate of career opportunities it can offer. Aspiring students can inculcate requisite artistic and technical skills through the professional education offered in this domain. By undergoing these learning programs, students gain comprehensive knowledge of various technicalities and expertise required to make a mark in this field.

Multimedia is used in various areas of work such as entertainment, advertising, publishing, digital media, gaming, motion graphics and more. This field, thus, encompasses varied disciplines in which a student can gain specialization and choose as a career option. On completion of a diploma or degree course in this domain, students can work on different positions depending upon their ability, experience, and education. They can work as Web Developers, Web Designers, Broadcast Designers, Graphic Artists, Digital Photographers, Desktop Publishers, Animators, Audio/Video Editors, VFX specialists, etc.

Practical learning plays a significant role in intensifying skills required to be successful in this field. AAFT School of Animation with its innovative and dynamic learning environment focuses to facilitate various activities that make the learning process more practical, industry-relevant, engaging, and interactive for students.

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