Retaining the Craft of Jamdani – Figured Muslins

‘Jamdani’ is a woven cotton fabric known for finest muslins. The word Jamdani is derived from two Persian words- ‘Jam‘ and ‘Dani‘ meaning ‘flower’ and ‘a vase or a container’ respectively. It refers to figured designs or motifs on a fine muslin (white thin cloth) base, i.e. weaving designs are made with an extra weft onto the base of very fine muslin fabric.

It is very thinly textured muslin with floral, bird and animal or geometric motifs woven and is considered highly artistic. The warp is unbleached grey yarn and the motifs are woven with bleached white yarn or sometimes with coloured yarns. The craft persons may also use gold yarns in addition to the bleached and unbleached white yarns. Aspirants looking forward to build career in this field can gain in-depth knowledge of different yarns, fabrics and threads through different diploma and degree courses in textile designing.

A lot has been written and said about elegance of Jamdani fabric which was the pride of the royalty at one point of time in history. Evidently, it was essentially meant only for the affluent nobility in those days. These days, only dhakai Jamdani is produced which is a finely woven fabric made in multiple colours.

AAFT School of Fashion & Design endows fashion aspirants with knowledge to prevent this textile from eloping from the rich pit of Indian traditional heritage through its advances and industry-relevant textile courses.

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