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School of Cinema (Programs)

A creative and responsible cinema has the power to unify this diversified world, and we are here to serve exactly the same purpose. If you think you can utilize your skills to shape this world, it’s time to give the artist in you a professional touch. Cinematography, film making and photography courses in India have gained quite popularity due to the ever-increasing demand of potential resources in the film industry. AAFT School of Cinema offers Degree as well as Diploma Courses for students who hold a keen interest in cinema and wish to make a career in this field. Through our cinematography courses, you would be prepared to shoot in all the conditions ranging from studio floors to exterior spaces. The Film making Courses on the other hand, are designed to give you a hands-on practical training for working in digital cinema and media.

Film Editing Courses are also offered as the part of Film making to bring out the editor in you. Choose from a range of bachelor and master degree and diploma programs with specializations in Acting, Direction, Post Production, Cinematography and Sound Recording. So whether you want to become a film maker or photographer, enroll for film making and photography courses in AAFT- now!

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