BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) + Diploma in Electronic Media

Program Overview

Our lives in the contemporary world is dependent on radio, television and the internet for information, communication and entertainment and it is difficult to imagine existence without it. The industry constantly require fresh order of trained professionals – a need we envisaged long ago, making us the leaders in this field.

Radio, television broadcasting and Internet being instantaneous in nature and pervasive in reach, are very powerful means of entertainment, information and education. There are long term consequences of broadcasting and therefore, time must be devoted to its study.

Radio has preceded television. The FM channels has put it in a forefront of mass media industry. Radio is indeed low cost but effective medium of mass communication with a widespread reach. It also plays a role of the repository of our cultural heritage. Due to its inherent and continuous need for trained personnel it is aptly called the “sunshine industry” of the media world.

This three year dual certification education and training programme leads to a recognized graduate university degree and a graduate Professional Level Diploma in Electronic Media.

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