MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) + PG Diploma in Electronic Media

Program Overview

Radio & Television are effective medium of mass Communication. Electronic media has made world a global village, with a press of button and can know events occurring is another part of the world. Television broadcasting, a twentieth century invention is a big success story. Moving images have magical effects on the human mind and seeing is indeed believing. Television has undoubtedly brought about profound changes in the way we live, do our work and behave with each other. Since the first British Telecast in 1936, television has gained immense foothold worldwide. By now it has a body of knowledge and a history of how that knowledge developed.

Radio is indeed a low cost but effective medium of mass communication, eminently suited to the developing societies. In the past it has played a significant role as a repository of our cultural heritage. It’s present glory, reach, technical excellence and popularity can hardly be overemphasized.

Use of computer technology to integrate text, still moving images and sound – referred to as multimedia and the use of multimedia on the internet is a late twentieth century invention for informing, education and entertaining the masses.

This course leads to a recognized post graduate university degree and a post graduate level diploma in Electronic Media – Radio and Television & New Media.

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