50 Understanding the New Age Advertising

All About Pursuing a Career in Advertising

Advertising is for people with creative mindsets and with out-of-the-box thinking. Advertising is the art of making people aware of the business, product, or service through paid media. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing. After the onset of the digital age, the internet has become the necessity of the day. This has divided advertising into two domains-traditional and digital.

Traditional advertising includes television, print, and radio. This form of advertising is lesser accepted by the millennial Gen-Z. However, it is among the most used forms of advertising. Print advertising is the most effective form which is still grabbing the attention in the industry.  Many people still prefer to read newspaper advertisements, watch TV commercials or listen to the radio. It is reachable to every sector, rural as well as urban. Even accessible to people with no internet connectivity.

The digital form of advertising is the selling of products and services through online mediums. It is more flexible and precise when it comes to selling the products. Nowadays, most people are connected to the internet with smartphones, laptops, or smart home devices. Digital advertising connects with you where you are.

Reasons why you should Choose Advertising as a Career

  • Get the exposure of working with the industry experts

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  • 30+ Years in Education
  • 250+ Faculties
  • 30K+ Alumni Network
  • 10th in World Ranking
  • 1000+ Celebrity
  • 120+ Countries Students Enrolled

Advertising is a creative field. It pushes you to think differently and helps make you stand out. You can quickly scale up the success ladder and get to work with the top industry experts.

  • No pressure

You get to work in a chilled atmosphere. Generally, the advertising agencies follow a flexible and relaxed work culture. It is observed that there is more productivity and employee satisfaction in the informal work culture than when people work under tight deadlines and pressure.

  • Power to convey the correct message

In advertising, you can directly convey your message through visuals and text. For example, the right message through the World Tobacco Day campaign can help to spread the word to stop its usage.

  • Learn new skills every day

Advertising agencies have different roles. You can choose one area of specialization in the field, or you can multitask and participate in work on different levels. The roles include Accounts Managers, Content Writers, Graphic designers, Directors, etc.

  • Career Growth

As they say, hard work can take you places. If you are an intern in an organization and a dedicated and hard-working person with lots of creative ideas, you will be getting up to higher ranks in the company in no time.

Advertising Courses which you Can Pursue

To make a career in advertising, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in Advertising or opt for a Diploma in Advertising & Brand Communication. For higher studies, you can also go in for M.A. in Advertising and Brand Communication.

Skills required to opt for Advertising as a Career Choice

The primary skill which is required to excel in advertising is creativity. Problem-solving skills, good communication, the ability to take criticism, and the apt knowledge of the latest media trends are vital aspects that will help you to grow in this industry.

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In the traditional format, ads are of two different types: print and broadcast. Print includes- magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc., and broadcasting includes- TV, Radio, and the internet. You can further choose the area of interest and build niche skill-sets for the same.

Advertising Job Roles

The job roles are differentiated in advertising agencies in two different teams. The first one is executive, which includes job roles like Client Servicing, Market Research, and Media Research. They are responsible for looking after the company’s business deals and financial negotiations. The creative field includes copywriters, scriptwriters, visualizers, creative directors, photographers, typographers, animators, and so on. They are responsible for creating content in different forms as per the requirement.

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Do you want free career counseling?

Ignite Your Ambitions- Seize the Opportunity for a Free Career Counseling Session.

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