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Media professionals and journalists have been playing their role of connecting mass audience to almost all the happenings around the globe.  Gaining expertise in the domain of journalism and other areas that comes under mass communication can be the key to grab better opportunity. Understanding the role of learning and training in this craft helps in becoming industry-ready. Journalism and Mass Communication programs can be the medium to learn industry-relevant and professional aspects. One can choose and become as per his/her interest in the field of media. They can become news reporters/correspondents, news anchors, writers, editors, radio and photo journalists, and more.            

Media professionals such as news reporters, journalists, etc. play an active and crucial role in gathering news on current events or happenings from across the world. They spent their most of the time in order to investigate news item before sending it in as a story.  Whether you are working for a newspaper, TV channel, and radio station or news website, there are two sides of news report that must work in sync with each other: reporting and editing.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication under the aegis of AAFT has been training and delivering talents to industry of media that incudes different news & media domains such as dailies, news channels, radio stations, news agencies and more.    

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