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10th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema Supported by Global Organizations

New Delhi; “It is remarkable that festival which was started by Sandeep Marwah during my visit to India many years back has touched now 10th edition and the whole World knows about it,” said Prof. Karl Bardosh Master Professor with Kanbar Film School, Tisch School of Arts, New York University.

Indo Wales Creative Forum, Indo Polish Film Association, Indo Nigerian Film Association, Indo Hungarian Film Association, Indo Serbia Cultural Forum, Indo Romania Film And Cultural Forum, Indo Czech Republic Film And Cultural Forum are supporting the 10th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema informed Sandeep Marwah festival President.

Indo Cyprus Cultural Association, Indo Senegal Cultural Forum, Indo Egypt Cultural Forum, Indo South African Cultural Forum, Indo Gabon Cultural Forum, Indo Ghana Cultural Forum, Indo Sudan Cultural Forum are the other international organizations which has given their consent to be part of 10th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema.

“Like last time we are expecting large number of entries from all over the World and its going to be a tough competition this time,” added Sandeep Marwah.

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